Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research laboratory Team Member

Name Title Mail Research
 Kazuhisa TSUBOKI Professor
(General manager)
・Development of Cloud Resolving Storm Simulator (CReSS)
・Dynamical, thermodynamical and cloud-microphysical studies of violent wind and heavy rain-producing tropical cyclones: Quantitative improvement of intensity estimations/forecasts
 Joji ISHIZAKA Professor jishizaka
・Study of ocean color on the earth by remote sensing
・Research on the effects of climate change and human activities on marine ecosystems in the waters surrounding Japan
 Nobuhiro TAKAHASHI Professor ntaka
・Extraction of cloud physical quantity using cloud-precipitation radar equipped with artificial satellite
・Development of ground-based radar and satellite-mounted radar
 Taro SHINODA Associate Professor shinoda
・Validation of parameterization of GCM using cloud resolving model CReSS
・Quantitative evaluation of the results of cloud resolving model CReSS
 Hirohiko MASUNAGA Associate Professor masunaga
・Satellite observation data analysis and cloud resolving model verification
 Hidenori AIKI Associate Professor aiki
・Development and applied research on atmospheric, oceanic and wave coupled models
・Analysis of interaction between various waves and climate change in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean
 Masataka MURAKAMI Designated Professor mamuraka
・Advanced research on precipitation strengthening in arid and semi-arid regions Elucidation of the influence of atmospheric aerosol on cloud and precipitation processes


Name Position Tenure
 Hiroyuki TOMITA Designated Assistant Professor
 Mayumi YOSHIOKA Designated Assistant Professor
 Tadayasu OHIGASHI Designated Assistant Professor 2007.9.1-2017.8.31
 Hiroshi UYEDA Professor 2001.1.1-2015.3.31
 Mariko OUE Researcher 2011.4.1-2012.8.31
 Yukari SHUSSE Researcher 2008.1.1-2010.3.31